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The Backspace



Its more than just a key on your keyboard! The Backspace is the new name of our after-school teen hangout area. The Backspace includes couches, games, television, and, of course, computers. Teens can use the space to work on homework, do research projects, browse the internet, play games, or just hang out. It offers a more relaxed atmosphere for our teenage patrons than the front computer lab, and Backspace participants are allowed to bring food, drink, and music. The Backspace is open weekdays from 3:00-6:00pm.
The Backspace also hosts our brand-new mini recording studio, donated from the Oberlin Conservatory. The studio space is equipped with a keyboard, mixer, and computer software to help users create their own sound.

All our Teen Workshop Series will take place in the Backspace.


Ice Cream Social: As we welcome out students back to school, we are hosting an ice Cream Social. Come enjoy delicious ice cream.

DIY Project: "Do It Yourself" (DYI) Project every 2nd Tuesday of each month. The activity will be listed at the beginning of each month. Check our bulletin board for details!!

Game On: Two Wednesdays each month! Video Game Challenge. Bring your games for Kinect, Wii, Xbox ang get ready for the challenge!

Harvest Week: Drop in the entire week for harvest activities and receive great prizes on Friday!

Holiday Party: Celebrating the holiday with games, food, and fun!

Teen Summit: Hot topics discussed by our Teens. Topics ranging from School, latest music and trends, sports, economic issues & community issues and much more! Planned by our (TAB)


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