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wb00755_.gif (1493 bytes)This ObieRoses web site is presented in support of the American Rose Society Fall 2001 National Convention to be held in Independence, Ohio, September 20- 24, 2001.  The event is hosted by The Forest City Rose Society and The Western Reserve Rose Society, affiliates of the American Rose Society.



wb00755_.gif (1493 bytes)Privacy Statement:  Any correspondence received by ObieRoses will be considered private: no information is for sale; no information, including names, addresses, or telephone numbers will be given to individuals, organizations, or businesses that are not reasonably associated with the American Rose Society 2001 Fall National Convention.  This web site has nothing to sell, nor requests credit card information.



wb00755_.gif (1493 bytes)Disclaimer :  While all information offered on this web site is believed to be reasonably accurate, the originator of this web site makes no warranty, expressed or implied, for any material contained herein. The opinions expressed by authors of articles on this web site are their own, and do not necessarily reflect opinions of any organization or any other person. Any information referenced or linked from this web site is solely the responsibility of the person or organization providing that information.


Policy Statements are subject to modification at any time.


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