The Nig-Heist
"MONEY AND SEX ARE RUNNING MY LIFE!" - Life in General, Nig-Heist

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anything scarier than a REAL Nig-Heist fan!" - Tom Troccoli

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What is/Who are the Nig-Heist?
In my opinion, the Nig-Heist were one of the most ballsy and fascinating bands of our time. Led by the illustrious Mugger
(more commonly known as Black Flag's right hand man,
roadie, and live sound man), this band had a revolving-door
roster that pretty much comprised of whoever was on tour
with Black Flag at the time. The Nig-Heist were notorious for
their risque stage antics, which would commonly involve
Mugger being naked and trying to get spitballs on his
asshole for "lubrication". The songs reflected these
ideals as well. So, read on...

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The Nig-Heist